About Us

Bitransfer is a process innovation enabling those who wish to get transfer service of high quality meet with unproblematic suppliers who prefer to be in online environment. You can let your partners witness Bitransfer operation experience and innovations. You can share this experience.

We are aware of the problems that individual and institutional companies face during purchase of transfer service. We provide you a service which can be simultaneously forwarded through its integrated construction to your CRM system and thus enabling fulfilling reporting, integrated invoicing, and developing of your new requests.

Bitransfer creates process design for your special request, gives importance to your demands and presents you the solution at the earliest. We present you an operation available in 30 cities 7/24 hours in Turkey and Europe.
Solving the hardest issue of transfer which is communication, Bitransfer gives service to individuals who can use internet site and all online environments. Apart from that, it is a system that enables companies to meet their transfer need immediately and thereby gaining time from communication by being integrated to CRM system of your firm. Now, it is easy to find fast and desirable solutions for your and your companies’ transfer demands and apply them through one click. Bitransfer accompanies your tough processes by developing the system according to your companies’ requests and by minimizing human errors. You can meet the transfer need of your customer, quest or one of your team by only logging in to our system promptly.

Bitransfer is aware of what you deserve and ready to let you experience this.



Keep instantly informed about all discounts and campaigns.

Bitransfer - Most preferred transfer service of Turkey

We ensure that you arrive to your destination with vehicles you choose and professional drivers. You can use it in anywhere and anytime you need to make a transfer in your trips, entertainments, and meetings.

Quality transfer with affordable price in Bitransfer

With its 7-year experience, Bitransfer knows what you deserve, we are ready for you to experience these innovations. You can contact us for corporation specific requests.